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ONU Vista B03-201

    PN: VISTA-B03-201
    Country of origin: China
    Delivery Time: 28 days

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Quick Overview

VISTA-B03-201 is a SFU ONU specially designed for FTTB+LAN networking, it is an indoor terminal which provides 1 PON port and 1 Gigabyte Ethernet interface. 

ONU Vista B03-201



  • Metalplate case, suitable for FTTH+LAN application. Small size, convenient for installation.
  • Gigabyte Ethernet interface provides broader bandwidth for the downlink switch.  
  • The built-in high efficiency over voltage protection circuit is with lightning protection.


  • 1*EPON.
  • 1*1000BASE-T.
  • 802.3ah.
  • CTC expanded OAM management.
  • High performance over-voltage protection.
  • Gigabyte Ethernet interface offers broader access bandwidth, which is suitable for FTTB/FTTO applications.


Additional Information

Name ONU Vista B03-201
PN VISTA-B03-201
Country of origin China
UM pc