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UPS EVO DSP Plus 1.2-3.6

    Cod : UPS EVO DSP Plus
    Ţara de origine: Italia
    Timp de livrare: 5 zile
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Scurtă descriere

UPS EVO DSP PLUS 1.2-3.6 are an evolution of Evo Dsp 1.2-3.6 with whom shares the main features such as: Multifunctional LCD display, output voltage setting from front panel, Active PFC Circuit (0.99), static bypass, Intelligent Slot for RS 232 and USB interface (included), SNMP, Dry Contact and TecnoManager UPS Software (compatible with Windows, UNIX, Linux and Apple).

UPS EVO DSP Plus 1.2-3.6


The main feature of Range is its extreme compactness that makes it the one and only in its category of products. Through the Digital Signal Processor (DSP), that optimizes the functioning of the machine in all working conditions and allows a complete and easy setting, UPS EVO DSP PLUS 1.2-3.6 takes the top place in its UPS category because it is able to protect critical loads as Server, LAN, and small industrial processes.

Eco Power Systems - The EVO DSP RM range is designed according to the highest standards in environmental protection, in fact high efficiency and low emission of harmonics guarantee the max respect. All components used are strictly ROHS Compliance 1st choice.

As on any other Tecnoware product, on UPS EVO DSP PLUS 1.2-3.6 we do not use recycled components to ensure maximum performance and durability. UPS EVO DSP PLUS 1.2-3.6 are guaranteed for 2 years, extendable up to 10.

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Nume UPS EVO DSP Plus 1.2-3.6
Ţara de origine Italia
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