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STSW Static Switch

    Cod : STSW Static Switch
    Ţara de origine: Israel
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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The AC static switch considerably increases the reliability of UPS  and inverter systems. The unit is available in a single-phase and three-phase modules.

STSW Static Switch


Gamatronic offers 3 product lines:

A. Single phase static switch STSW PRO 3kVA / 6 kVA
B. Single phase  STSW – 3U- 3 – 30 kVA
C. Three phase static switch STSW.3-Phase 10 ~ 150 kVA


  • Two inputs, one output
  • Synchronization
  • Zero-time transfer
  • Surge protection
  • Overload protection
  • Back feed protection (3,6kVA models)
  • Optional PSM-STSW management software
AC Static Switches considerably increase the reliability of electrical energy supplied to critical load from inverter or UPS systems. When the load is too highfor an inverter/UPS, or when an inverter/UPS is failing, the Static Switch automatically transfers the load to a reserve source (i.e. mains power) without voltage interruption or disturbance. Gamatronic manufactures a standard single phase Static Switch (STSW1) and a three phase (STSW3) Static Switch unit with a wide scale of nominal powers.

Parallel UPS Systems with a Static Switch

Equipping a parallel UPS system with an external static switch significantly improves system MTBF by ensuring that the output voltage is not interrupted even if one or more UPS units are failing. The external static switch unit transfers the load to the mains if the parallel UPS system cannot supply the correct voltage to the load. The inverters of the parallel UPS systems are synchronized with each other with extremely high accuracy. They are also synchronized with the bypass when its voltage and frequency are within specified limits. A special signal bus is used for synchronizing UPS systems. In the event that a UPS system’s output voltage falls below the set limits due to overload or inverter failure, it is detected by the static switch which transfers the load to the bypass. The detection time is less than 1msec, resulting in a transfer process that is safe for any kind of load. For additional improvement in MTBF the static switch is usually connected to the bypass so the load is connected to the bypass when the static switch is not operating.


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Nume STSW Static Switch
Cod STSW Static Switch
Ţara de origine Israel
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