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SFW series - 2 channels WDMs

    Cod : SFW
    Ţara de origine: Republica Cehă
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

The SFW series introduces a range of 2 wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) devices for  high data rate applications requiring high wavelength isolation with a low insertion loss. The SFW series WDMs are designed to divide and/or combine different optical wavelengths by combining innovative fused technology. The SFW series are operable additional to the standard transmission windows 1310/1550 nm in wide range of wavelength combinations. Available in a wide variety of  packaging configurations, various types of  pigtailing and connector terminations are available to meet your requirements.  

SFW series - 2 channels WDMs

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  • SFW series - 2 channels WDMs - Rack Mount Pack
  • SFW series - 2 channels WDMs - Cassette Pack
  • SFW series - 2 channels WDMs - Plastic Box Pack



  • High port isolation 
  • Custom defined specifications 
  • Low insertion loss 
  • Low polarization dependent loss 
  • Bi-directional transmission with high directivity 
  • Wide spectral channels 
  • Environmentally stable 
  • Wide range of packaging types 


  • Telecommunications 
  • Data networks 
  • CATV 
  • Testing instruments 
  • RFTS 
  • Network monitoring 


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Nume SFW series - 2 channels WDMs
Ţara de origine Republica Cehă
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