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SFT- P series - 1xN Planar Optical Splitter

    Cod : SFT- P
    Ţara de origine: Republica Cehă
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

The 1xN Planar Lightwave Circuits (PLC) Optical Splitters are high performance, reliable and compact devices for splitting optical power, specifically designed to meet the tough requirements of FTTH, PON and CATV networks. Based on unique waveguide technology of Ion-Exchange in glass, such splitters exhibit very low insertion loss and PDL, great channel uniformity and a wide wavelength operative range.  The 1xN PLC Optical Splitters are available in 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32, 1x64, 1x128 and custom configurations, and comply with Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 requirements. Various packaging types, input and output fibers are available according to the customer demand.


SFT- P series - 1xN Planar Optical Splitter

Mai multe imagini

  • SFT-P with PJ1 packing
  • SFT-P with FM1 packing
  • SFT-P with RM2 packing
  • SFT-P with SC packing



  • PON type – fiber 0.9 mm available
  • Very low insertion loss 
  • Ultra wide bandwidth (1250-1650 nm)
  • Polarization independent
  • Excellent channel uniformity
  • Compact size
  • High reliability and stability 


  • Passive Optical Networks (PON)
  • Network expansion
  • CATV networks
  • OADM and ROADM
  • CWDM and DWDM systems 



Informaţii adiţionale

Nume SFT- P series - 1xN Planar Optical Splitter
Cod SFT- P
Ţara de origine Republica Cehă
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