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SAS-400 Optical Fiber Acid Stripper

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Scurtă descriere

SAS-400 is a unique hot acid stripper that removes a variety of coating types, including acrylate and polyimide. It can be used to center strip, or “window strip,” a fiber—a common process in fiber Bragg grating manufacture or metalizing fiber. SAS-400 strippers are efficient, safe systems that remove all coating while maintaining the intrinsic fiber strength.

SAS-400 Optical Fiber Acid Stripper


SAS-400 uses hot sulfuric acid to remove a fiber’s coating—a process long regarded as the ultimate stripping method for completely removing the coating while preserving high fiber strength. The acid is distributed via a mini robotic stripping head that automatically performs all steps required to strip and clean the fiber. Waste acid is immediately diluted and stored in a closed container for disposal. SAS-400 systems strip fiber sections as long as 40 mm.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot acid stripping
    Removes coating completely while maintaining intrinsic fiber strength
  • Center strips fiber
    Ideal for fiber Bragg grating manufacture or or fiber metallization processes
  • Robotic stripping head
    Performs all stripping and cleaning processes processes safely and with minimal waste
  • Moveable gantry
    Strips up to 40-mm-long sections precisely and automatically


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