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RTG-2 Return Path Test Generator

    Cod : RTG-2
    Ţara de origine: Olanda
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile
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Scurtă descriere

The Returnpath Test Generator (RTG-2) is designed for alignment purposes in the return path domain (5 – 65 MHz) of the cable network.

The RTG-2 can digitally generate any frequency in that range, with 25 kHz steps. Due to intelligent signal processing and filtering, the RTG-2 has a very high spectral purity.

The RTG-2 has a digitally controlled output level which allows the user to select the desired level with great accuracy and repeatability for each frequency of the active list. Another excellent characteristic of the RTG-2 is its output level flatness of ±1 dB over the entire frequency range. With optional software calibration this can even be brought back to ±0,3 dB.

RTG-2 Return Path Test Generator

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The functionality of the RTG-2 is project based programmed. This means that:

  • The RTG-2 has a pincode accessed supervisor menu.
  • The supervisor can program the RTG-2 with a number of projects.
  • The RTG-2 can only generate a carefully selected list of test frequencies per project as edited by the supervisor.
  • The field service engineer can only use the frequency list belonging to the authorised project.


Informaţii adiţionale

Nume RTG-2 Return Path Test Generator
Cod RTG-2
Ţara de origine Olanda
UM buc