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PTR-200 Series Fiber Recoaters and Proof Testers

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PTR-200 is a family of manual to fully automated fiber recoaters and proof testers for high-volume optical fiber processing. Together our PTR-200 recoaters and proof testers ensure that stripped or fusion spliced fibers retain their original diameter, flexibility and long-term strength. PTR-200 is the most comprehensive and effective line of recoaters and proof testers on the market today.

PTR-200 Series Fiber Recoaters and Proof Testers


PTR-200 recoaters restore the protective UV-cured acrylate or polyimide coating to a stripped fiber. The result is a recoated fiber section that is as smooth and flexible as the original fiber. In a proof-test mode (linear), PTR-200 proof testers apply a set load at a controlled rate to an optical fiber or fusion splice to assess the long-term reliability of the fiber. In a tension test mode (rotary), the load is taken up to the breaking strength of the fiber. This is an ideal method for process qualification in R&D. To accommodate a wide range of applications, we offer three types of PTR-200 recoaters (manual, extended-length manual or automatic) and two types of proof testers (rotary or linear).

Features & Benefits

  • Quartz mold plate
    Long lasting for volume manufacturing (>10K recoats per mold)
  • Quartz mold plate
    Durable, high-quality recoat finish
  • Manual, automatic, extended-length recoaters
    Product portfolio covers all applications from R&D to high-volume manufacturing
  • Smooth, flexible recoated section
    Fiber fits into smaller spaces for high packaging density
  • Pre-programmed volumetric dispensing with auto injection
    Automated, high-volume operation
  • Touch screen control interface
    Easy to use and intuitive
  • Mini controller
    Locked-in recipes for simple, repeatable processes
  • Linear and rotary proof testers
    No fiber handling, high-tension testing


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