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µPS-SP Series

    Cod : µPS-SP Series
    Ţara de origine: Israel
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

The µPS-SP series features three-phase online double-conversion UPS systems with a power range of 6kVA to 200kVA.

µPS-SP Series


The µPS-SP series is available in stand-alone and parallel configurations, in both 3/1 and 3/3 models.
The system supplies high quality, stabilized sine-waves signals.
A static switch provides the optimal solution for output inrush current and overload problems. All parameters (input/output voltage, currents, frequencies, DC voltage, and temperatures) are measured and shown in an LCD display. All information can be sent to the host computer through an RS232 interface, with SNMP management.


Informaţii adiţionale

Nume µPS-SP Series
Cod µPS-SP Series
Ţara de origine Israel
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