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Power+ SA 20-40KVA UPS

    Cod : Power+ SA 20-40KVA UPS
    Ţara de origine: Israel
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA is one of the most sophisticated Stand-alone ON-LINE double-conversion UPS available in the marketplace today.

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Power+ SA 20-40KVA UPS



  • Unique & compact design, weighing only 68 Kg.
  • Flexible use – available in 3/3
  • Great performance:
    • High efficiency AC/AC: 96%
    • Low input THDi: 5%
    • Input PF 1
    • Back light LCD
    • 10 Kva redundant inverters & rectifiers
In general, an Uninterruptible Power Supply provides backup power for use when the utility AC electric power mains fail or drop to an unacceptable voltage level. Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA is a whole lot more. Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA is designed to protect your data and equipment and minimize downtime and other adverse effects normally incurred by power irregularities and failures.Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA continually eliminates surges, spikes and sags that are inherent in commercial utility power. Over time, these irregularities shorten the life of the equipment and its components. The efficiency of Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA thus helps to extend the life of your equipment, even through normal use when the input power system is constant and continuous.
The Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA is available in three versions: a 20kVA model 30kVA model and a 40kVA model.

Power+ SA 20/30/40kVA unique features:

  • Power+ SA has an overall efficiency of up to 96% and backup efficiency of 98%.
  • Power+ SA is light and small, weighing 68 kg (approximately) and with a footprint of less than .28 m2.
  • Power+ SA is reliable thanks to its parallel redundant topology.
  • Power+ SA is a “green” power solution thanks to THD of 5% at the input, and provides “clean” power to your loads.
  • Power+ SA is a true on-line battery design according to IEC62040-3.
  • Power+ SA employs active current sharing at the input / output.
  • Not available in Parallel systems


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Nume Power+ SA 20-40KVA UPS
Cod Power+ SA 20-40KVA UPS
Ţara de origine Israel
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