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P9128G - FTTH AGC CATV Optic Receiver

    Cod : P9128G
    Ţara de origine: China
    Timp de livrare: 28 zile

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Scurtă descriere

P9128G FTTH AGC CATV optical receiver, with work bandwidth 47~862MHz,AGC function, output level Vo=87.5dBμV ±1.0dB ( Pin=+2~-10dBm ), applies to FTTH fiber to internet, is a low power consume, high performance, high cost performance ONU optical receiver unit for RFTV broadcast network.
P9128G adopt high sensitivity optic receiving tube and Huatai specialized low noise match circuit, 3.8% modulate, full channel transmit, -8dBm optical power receiving, and the CNR can reach high index 45dB still. P9128G adopt optical AGC, realizing high performance automatic level control ( ALC ) .
P9128G optical port mode with following three types optional:
  • P9128G/NC: RFTV operating wavelength 1260~1620nm.
  • P9128G/WF: Build-in 1310/1490 filter, RFTV operating wavelength 1550nm.
  • P9128G/WD: Build-in CWDM,RFTV operating wavelength 1550nm, pass wavelength 1310/1490nm, ( Link EPON、GPON ONU ).

P9128G - FTTH AGC CATV Optic Receiver

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  • P2198GA - front view
  • P2198GA - rear view
  • P2198GA-WD - front view
  • P2198GA-WD - rear view
  • P2198GB - rear view
  • P2198GB - front view



Product feature
  • Extra low noise ( 3.8% modulate,-8dBm receiving, CNR≥45dB )
  • Receiving optical power within +2 dBm~ -10dBm, with excellent linearity
  • High performance ALC ( ΔVo≤1.0dB, Pin=+2~ -7dBm )
  • Within 47~862MHz bandwidth, all with excellent flatness feature ( FL≤±1.0dB )
  • Metal case, offer safeguard for optoelectronic sensitive devices
  • High output level, can be used by many users
  • Low power consume, high performance, high cost performance
Main application
  • FTTH


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Informaţii adiţionale

Nume P9128G - FTTH AGC CATV Optic Receiver
Cod P9128G
Ţara de origine China
UM buc