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ONUx-1000-00 (GEPON)

    Cod : ONUx-1000-00
    Ţara de origine: China
    Timp de livrare: 24 zile
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Scurtă descriere

ONU× -1000 optical network unit (ONU) is a FTTx side equipment of subscribers based on the Ethernet passive Optical network unit GEPON system. It combines with OLT-1408 to realize high-speed data transfer of peer to multi-peer (P2MP). It can also provide the subscriber with various broadband services such as powerful language, high-speed data and video by combining with VoIP and RF related equipment.
ONU× -1000 Optical network unit is a range of products with much varity. It has much function configurations and appearance, it can meet subscribers difference needs in the 'Triple-play' and FTTx. It relies on the protect reliability of telecommunication grade and network management. It also relies on the high quality and high cost performance. It is the best transmission terrace to realize the 'Triple-play' in the FTTH, FTTP, FTTB and FTTC optical fiber switch-in network

ONUx-1000-00 (GEPON)

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  • Structure performances
    • Technification: GEPON, L2 switch coupler functions, VoIP, high output CATV receiver.
    • 1. Appearance: The type of tabletop, wall-hanging, and chassis is optional according to different functions.
    • 2. Quality: All chips are with world top-brand, high quality, and high cost performance.
    • 3. Shell: Strong and durable metal case to protect the internal opto-electrical sensitive components
    • 4. Reliability: Build-in high efficiency switch power and reserve external adaptable power interface to provide reliable guarantee.
    • 1. Accord with IEEE802.3/802.3ah completely.
    • 2. Powerful L2 switch function.
    • 3. High rate PON: up/down-bound symmetry 1Gb/s data, VoIP language and IPTV.
    • 4. ONU subscriber authenticate, auto-identify, plug and play, DBA dynamic bandwidth distribute.
    • 5. Qos functions based on the service level agreement.
    • 6.Remote management function supported by the powerful OAM function.
  • VoIP
    • 1. Two simultaneous voice over IP (VOIP) calls.
    • 2. Support SIP2.0 VoIP, MGCP, H.323.
  • CATV Receiver
    • 1. High performance, applicable for multi-channel AM-VSB, FM, QAM receiver.
    • 2. Very low noise, very low distortion, low power loss. 3. Wide range of optical input power.
    • 3. multi-channel high level RF output, connected for many televisions.


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Nume ONUx-1000-00 (GEPON)
Cod ONUx-1000-00
Ţara de origine China
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