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Patchcord / pigtail multifibră - MFP

    Cod : MFP PATCH
    Ţara de origine: Republica Cehă
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

The MFP preterminated cable system is available in two different versions. Preterminated with different connector types the multifiber pigtail or patchcord can be delivered. The associated optical distribution frames are either completely assembled or have to be connected after the cable has been pulled in. Both versions are available for multimode or singlemode fibers and all connector types. The MFP is suitable for every type of building cabling topography and many external cabling applications.

Patchcord / pigtail multifibră - MFP



  • Available SM and MM versions 
  • Various connector types  
  • Easy connection and disconnection 
  • No need splicing to install optical network 
  • Optical distribution frame could be included 
  • Low Insertion loss & Reflection 
  • Simple & Low cost 
  • 12 – 144 fibers capacity 
  • Sub Unitised distribution cable type  (other on request)  

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Nume Patchcord / pigtail multifibră - MFP
Ţara de origine Republica Cehă
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