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LFS-4000 Large Diameter Fiber Splicer

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Scurtă descriere

The LFS-4000 is a dedicated process tool for splicing standard, large diameter and specialty fibers. Designed for volume production of fiber assemblies, it is intended for manufacturers that want the splicing performance of Vytran’s proven filament fusion, multi-function splicing and glass processing products, but from a stand-alone, easy-to-use tool.

LFS-4000 Large Diameter Fiber Splicer


The LFS-4000 uses our patented filament fusion technology to produce low-loss splices on fibers ranging from 125 to 900 microns in diameter. It can be used for standard and specialty fibers such as doped fibers, polarization maintaining (PM) fibers, large mode area (LMA) fiber, photonic crystal fiber (PCF), highly stressed fibers and D shapes. It features PC-based software with two screens – one tailored for product development that allows all of the unit’s functionalities, and another simplified screen that allows basic operator interface for easy, consistent, volume manufacturing. 

The LFS-4000, the GPX-3400 glass processing system, the LDC-400 fiber cleaver, and the PTR-200 series of fiber recoaters and proof testers make up a suite of complementary products. The LFS-4000, GPX-3400 and LDC-400 share a fiber holding block to ensure accurate fiber positioning. LFS and GPX systems also feature application libraries to help streamline processes from development to manufacturing.

Features & Benefits

  • Filament fusion technology
    High performance splices for fibers 125 µm to 900 µm
    Low-loss, high-strength splices
    Highly stable, consistent, and repeatable fusion process 
    Uniform thermal treatment around the fiber
    Splice various specialty fibers, including PM fibers, non-circular cladding fibers or micro-structured fibers, and non-silica soft glass fibers
  • Fire Polishing
    Post-splice fire polishing enhances strength and reduces loss
  • True Core Imaging™ (Real-time imaging)
    Accurate splice loss estimation for single mode (SM) fibers
    Automatic high-accuracy fiber core alignment
  • Same fiber holding/transfer fixtures as GPX-3400/3600 and LDC-400/LDC-200-G
    Mechanical compatibility with GPX-3400/3600 glass processor and large diameter cleaver
  • Similar splice file library to GPX-3400/3600
    Built on years of development and information gained using GPX-3400/3600 glass processors
  • End-View Imaging and high-resolution rotary positioners
    Automated splicing alignment for PM fibers, dissimilar fibers, off-centered fibers
  • Dual screen interface (Development and Production)
    Leverage all system functionalities in development mode for full process optimization
    Simplified, locked-in production screen for volume manufacturing
  • Other Applications
    Fabrication of mode field adaptors and end caps (with LDC-400 cleaver)


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