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FuseConnect™ range is a series of field installable connectors that employ a fusion splicer to terminate the connector in the field. The FuseConnect™ range demonstrates performance which is very much comparable to factory built patch cords.

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The FuseConnect™ is designed to work with an industry standard cleaver and splicers utilising a fibre holder system.The simplified field installation process minimizes the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap; even in difficult field environments or in exposed conditions at remote site locations.

The connector types within the range are as follows: SC, ST, LC, FC & MPO.


  • Connectorization in:
    • RF-overlay FTTP networks
    • Cable TV backbone network
    • Outside plant
    • FTTDesk
    • MDU FTTP Cabling
    • Central office connector replacement
    • Date center installation


  • FuseConnect™ FC SF        download
  • FuseConnect™ LC SF        download
  • FuseConnect™ SC SF        download
  • FuseConnect™ ST SF        download

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