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Patchpanel optic (ODF) – FTTH

    Cod : PPFTTH
    Ţara de origine: Polonia
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

The 19” FTTH patch panel was designed with compact FTTx systems in mind. This solution allows for easy access to the front patch cords as well as the splice cassettes and pigtails after being pulled out.


The FTTH patch panel is made from high quality materials and designed in such a way as to ensure easy access for installers as well as network administrators. Implementation of the swing-out tray allows for easy access minimizing the movement of power cables. The swing-open front panel allows for easy access to the patch cords. Possible adapter mounting without screws saves a lot of time during installation. Additional adjustable mounting ears allow for mounting in various cabinet sizes.

Patchpanel optic (ODF) – FTTH

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  • Fiber Optic Patch Panel - FTTH - cable entrance / exit detail
  • Fiber Optic Patch Panel - FTTH - with cover



  • Height 2U.
  • 96xSC Simplex.
  • Swing-open front.
  • Swing -out tray.
  • Adjustable mounting depth.
  • Swing-out from right or left side.
  • Side or rear cable entry.


  • FTTx Central Office System.
  • LAN/WAN.
  • Compact telecommunications systems.


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Nume Patchpanel optic (ODF) – FTTH
Ţara de origine Polonia
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