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FAS Fully Automated Fusion Splicing Workstation

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FAS is a flexible automation platform that can fully automate a wide variety of opto-electronics manufacturing processes such as creating fiber Bragg gratings, fused fiber couplers and fiber lenses. One of FAS’ primary applications is automating optical fiber fusion splicing, a fundamental yet critical manufacturing process required for most optical assemblies. FAS can be configured with various “toolbox” modules for stripping, cleaning, splicing, recoating, and proof testing to create a high-volume manufacturing system. A total of up to six modules can be loaded in the FAS, including a power meter module for automating all optical measurements. As a result, the FAS can be efficiently transformed to accommodate changing production requirements.


FAS Fully Automated Fusion Splicing Workstation


The foundation of FAS systems is our proven filament fusion technology - the industry’s most reliable method for creating high-strength, low-loss splices. The automated splice process, from stripping to proof testing, is performed efficiently and consistently in less than two minutes. All modules are programmable through a single machine interface that provides real-time process control and convenient network and database access.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible automation platform
    Accommodates changing production requirements
  • Filament fusion technology
    Low-loss, high-strength splices
  • Fully automated
    Ideal for high-volume production and 24/7 operation
  • Fast cycle times
    Allows high throughput
  • Stripper plus ultrasonic cleaner
    Ensures high-strength fiber splices
  • High-accuracy cleaver
    Minimal end face damage
  • Consistent recoating
    High-density packaging and flexibility
  • Fiber proof tester
    Ensures long-term, high-strength splices
  • True Core Imaging™
    Automatic high-accuracy fiber inner core alignment
  • Loss measurement option
    Statistical process control
  • Network and database access
    Real-time control


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