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DQ-801 Direct Qam

    Cod : DQ801
    Ţara de origine: Olanda
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile
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Scurtă descriere

What is DirectQAM™?

An extremely compact module that directly converts an optical or electrical GBE IP connection into eight RF QAM modulated signals. Each RF signal may contain a number of digital television channels that can be offered to a subscriber through the existing coax infrastructure. The patented DirectQAM™ allows the IP to QAM conversion to be done locally at street level instead of, as usual, centrally in the local center or headend.

DQ-801 Direct Qam

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This means:

  • considerably lower costs of infrastructure and implementation
  • improved digital signal quality
  • detailed segmentation in the distribution of digital television signals
  • future proof concept

The application of DirectQAM™ means personalised content is within reach!

Who is it for?

  • Cable operaters
  • OEM manufacturers

Functional advantages

Advantages above a traditional distribution network:

  • IP network reaches to street level
  • simplified network management
  • each module has separate IP addresses for content and management
  • you are free to assign each QAM carrier its own port and IP address
  • extension of the segmentation of the program package to street level
  • directly applicable to Video On Demand

Technical advantages

  • from centralised (headend) to decentralised (street level) network
  • compact size
  • low power
  • high quality digital TV signal
  • management over IP
  • no maintenance
  • direct generation of the end frequency, making up-conversion a thing of the past
  • more effective use of available frequency space
  • future proof


Eight-Channel DVB-CDirect, VHF/UHF QAM A/C Modulator --- download

Eight-Channel DVB-CDirect, VHF/UHF QAM B Modulator --- download

Informaţii adiţionale

Nume DQ-801 Direct Qam
Cod DQ801
Ţara de origine Olanda
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