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db Nexus

    Cod : dbNEX
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Scurtă descriere

db Nexus controls access to buildings and rooms with 100% positive fingerprint identification. Unlike access card solutions, there is no card to be lost/found, stolen, or shared with unauthorized personnel.

Each db Nexus unit connects to its site’s LAN via Ethernet, and communicates with the Digitus Access Software - SQL (DAS-SQL) at administrative stations via a highly secure, proprietary code-hopping encryption protocol. IP networking enables administrators to enroll personnel at any unit by uploading biometric fingerprint templates, and to gather reports from any unit at any time. DAS-SQL continuously polls units for access logs and stores them in a central database for on-demand viewing.

When granting actual access, db Nexus units operate independently. No network communication is required for ID verification, and secure access control continues normally in the event of network failure.


db Nexus

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db Nexus is the networked version of the Digitus access control product line.  In conjunction with Digitus’ DAS-SQL software, db Nexus units can be controlled and managed from a single location, allowing units to be anywhere in the world .  db Nexus is available in either a two or three credential format. The db Nexus II uses a fingerprint and PIN.  The db Nexus III uses a fingerprint, RFID Card and PIN.


  • Dimensions (WxHXD) 7.5”X 5.2”X 2.2”  (19.1 cm x 12.2 cm x 5.6 cm)
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs (549g)

Technical Specification:

  • Voltage: 18-22v DC   
  • Current Draw: Idle-520 mA; Max 650 mA (without lock)    
  • Operative Temperature: 32৹F-158৹F (0৹C-70)

User Interface:

  • Finger Sensor: Capacitive   
  • LCD: 2 x 16 Character Lines    
  • LED Indication: Tri-Color   
  • Keypad: 12-Key Steel Matrix    
  • HID iClass 12.56 MHZ Contactless Reader      (db Nexus III only)

Enrollment :

  • Enrollment Time: < 5 seconds   
  • Verification Time (1-1): < 1 second    
  • Identification Time (1-N): < 1 second/1,000 users   
  • EER Rate: <0.1%   
  • Security Levels: 3

Memory Storage:

  • User Capacity: 9,500   
  • Template Size: 384 bytes   
  • Log Capacity: 60,000 events   
  • Sensor Type: Capacitive with Fake Finger Detection


  • Network Protocol: TCP/IP over Ethernet                          
  • Inputs: Fire Panel, Door Sensor, Request to Exit Switch
  • Outputs: Door Lock Relay, Alarm Condition Relay, 26Bit Wiegand output


  • Indisputable Audit Trail   
  • One-Click Lockdown of System   
  • Restrict Access Times   
  • Duress Activated Alert   
  • Anti-Tamper Security   
  • Forced/Propped Door Detection   
  • Fire Panel Integration   
  • 16-Hour Battery Backup

Enrollment and Monitoring:

  • Done via Digitus DAS-SQL Software



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