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db Bus - End-of-Row

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Stopping access control at the data center door provides no protection against insider threat.  That's why every data center privacy rule and regulation - PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and more considers the protection of physical assets to be as important as protecting the data stored or processed in those assets. 

The db ServerRack product family delivers the highest level of compliance with an indisputablte audit trail covering all server cabinet access.  When paired with db Nexus, that audit trail covers the entire enterprise.

db ServerRack System Architecture Options: 

  • db Server Rackfor smaller or distributed installations, Digitus offers the db Zero-U access controller. A networked solution with a complete reader/controller combination at each cabinet. 
  • db Bus - Cabinet-Level for installations that secure multiple cabinets in a row, Digitus offers the db Bus - Cabinet-level access controller, with individual readers. 
  • db Bus - End-of-Rowas our lowest cost solution for installations that secure multiple cabinets arranged in rows, Digitus offers the db Bus - End-of-row solution, with a single reader mounted at the end of a row of cabinets. 

For an overview of data center biometric access control configuration options, please refer to our Data Center Solution Brief


db Bus - End-of-Row


A single reader/controller combination manages up to 64 cabinet doors for extremely cost-efficient access control

The Digitus db Bus - End-of-row solution controls access to up to 64 cabinet doors from a single biometric/RFID db Bus Enline reader mounted at the end of a row of cabinets.

To gain access, the authorized user scans a fingerprint, presents an access card (optional), and enters the number of the door to open on a keypad. A sophisticated bus architecture distributes fail-safe control signals and electrical power to each door lock. Though access is not secured at the door itself, the elimination of fingerprint reader at each cabinet makes this the lowest-cost biometric access control solution available today for data centers.

db Bus - End-of-row Reference Components & Configurations



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