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db Addendum

    Cod : dbADD
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    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Upgrade existing access control with advanced Digitus Biometrics fingerprint recognition.

  • replaces access card readers with more accurate biometrics
  • 100% secure access control for any building or room
  • 26-bit Wiegand protocol compatibility with most access control systems
  • Simple to install and program with existing system parameters


db Addendum


Compatible with most third-party access control sytstems, db Addendum units improve security by protecting against breaches commonly associated with access cards. 

db Addendum units integrate with existing access control equipment — protecting existing investments — while replacing proximity cards with something that can’t be lost and found, stolen, or shared: a live fingertip.

The db Addendum reader-only unit supports the industry-standard, 26-bit Wiegand protocol. To upgrade an existing proximity reader system, simply remove the existing card reader and replacing it with the db Addendum unit. The existing system’s Wiegand parameters are easily programmed via the keypad, and existing user IDs translate directly to user fingerprints.



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Nume db Addendum
Cod dbADD
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