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CAS-4100/4100-P Compact Automated Splicers

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Scurtă descriere

CAS-4100 and CAS-4100-P are new-generation, compact, semi-automated splicers that produce high-strength, consistent splices quickly and efficiently. CAS systems feature a unique design, advanced imaging capabilities and programming flexibility. They are ideal for development applications and cost-effective, high-volume production, including three-shift manufacturing. CAS-4100-P is tailored for polarization maintaining (PM) fibers.

CAS-4100/4100-P  Compact Automated Splicers


At the foundation of CAS-4100 systems is our proven filament fusion technology—the industry’s most reliable method for creating high-strength, low-loss splices. These splicers also utilize True Core Imaging™, a high-resolution imaging system that enables fast, accurate, inner-core alignment and splice loss calculation. In both CAS-4100 and CAS-4100-P, all components, including the imaging system, computer and a large folding display, are embedded into the splicer, reducing the space required by more than a factor of three. A newly designed graphical user interface (GUI) offers two modes of operation. The first, development mode, allows complete process configuration and control. The second, manufacturing mode, is an ultra-simplified GUI for production operators. All splice-related information can be exported via an ethernet port for statistical process control.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact
    Designed for use where space is at a premium
  • Filament fusion technology
    Low-loss, high-strength splices
  • Fire-polishing
    Enhanced splice strength
  • True Core Imaging™
    Automatic high-accuracy fiber inner core alignment
  • True Core Imaging™
    Accurate splice loss estimation
  • New generation fiber inserts
    Accurate, easy to use and fast
  • Advanced software
    Splice database optimizes production processes
  • Ethernet port – database
    Export all data generated for SPC control

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