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Cabinet (rack) de pardoseala neasmblat QUICK RACK, 19"

    Cod : QUICK-RACK
    Ţara de origine: Polonia
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

An ideal solution for situations in which it is necessary to mount telecommunications cabinets in an environment not suitable for development (i.e. narrow server room doors, top floor building installations). Practically tool-free and simple cabinet mounting (mounting using 16 pcs M8 screws) reduces time and cost of installation. An important advantage of the “Quick Rack” solution is the reduction of transportation costs along with increased warehouse space.







Cabinet (rack) de pardoseala neasmblat QUICK RACK, 19"

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  • QUICK RACK inside view - ceiling
  • QUICK RACK outside view - side panel lock
  • QUICK RACK inside view - base
  • QUICK RACK inside view - front door lock
  • QUICK RACK inside view - earthing
  • QUICK RACK rear view



  • Sheet steel housing with welded frame, completely pre-assembled, self ventilated.
  • Surface finish:  powder painted  in  RAL 7035 - light  grey (other colors on request).
  • Protection  IP20  in  accordance  with PN 92/E-08106/EN 60529/IEC 529. (does not apply to brush cable entries)Indoor use.  
  • Cabinets  can be  arranged in  line  using  line-up  bolts  after  removing  side walls  (Part No.11190130).
  • Cabinets are mounted according to the base and roof (2mm thick steel) with welded mounting holds for the corner profile (1.5mm thick     steel). 
  • Each profile is mounted using four screws (2 to the base + 2 to the roof).
  • Cabinet frame fully  welded - 1,5 mm thick  sheet  steel on 4 x leveling  feet M10.Optionally:     
    • standard plinth     
    • cabinet wheel kit - 11090015 (maximum load capacity 150 kg.)
  • Front door:  window made of safety glass 4 mm thick (optionally: full steel, full glass, punched perforated plate), opening angle 180 degrees. 
  • Left or right door opening options.Cabinet rear panel – 0.8 mm. thick sheet steel, removable with two single point locks (Optionally: full steel or perforated, left or right  side     mounted door).  
  • Cabinet side panels – 0.8 mm thick sheet steel, removable with two single point locks.
  • Two pairs of profile rails  (AL-Zn coated)  each arranged at the front  and rear  on the inside. 
  • Each profile with unit labeling.
  • Maximum spacing between  front and rear profile rails:     
    • cabinet depth 600 mm - max 472 mm     
    • cabinet depth 780 mm - max 652 mmPossibility to increase maximum weight of equipment mounted in the cabinet SRS by using cabinet max load strengthening kit. 
  • Cables  let in entry optionally either from roof or base, either, through top or bottom of the rear side of cabinet, pre-punched opening. (Dimensions: 450 x 90 mm). 
  • In the roof and base of cabinet 2 x 4U blind plates (pre - punched opening) for fan units (possible configurations 1 or 2 x 2 fan units, 1 x 4 fan units, 1 x 6 fan units).
  • Wide  range of  supplementary  accessories: plinths, shelves, fan units, light  units, power distribution units, blanking covers, cable management accessories etc.Optional 19" swing frame 90° opening.


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Nume Cabinet (rack) de pardoseala neasmblat QUICK RACK, 19"
Ţara de origine Polonia
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