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Modul transceiver optic de 10G

    Cod : 10G-TRANS
    Ţara de origine: Republica Cehă
    Timp de livrare: 14 zile

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Scurtă descriere

The OPTOKON transceivers are compliant with IEEE 802.3ae and the 10G MSA (Multi-Source Agreement). This upgrade, and reliability benefits by virtue of being hot-pluggable, also it designed for singlemode and multimode fiber with cost effective and high performance.

Modul transceiver optic de 10G



  • 10 Gbps Serial Optical Interface 
  • Transceiver unit with independent 
    • 850 nm VCSEL laser transmitter 
    • 1310 nm DFB laser transmitter 
    • C-band ITU channels 
    • PIN photodiode receiver  
  • Meet XFP MSA 
  • Digital diagnostic monitoring 
  • Hot-pluggable 
  • Metal enclosure for lower EMI 
  • Duplex LC Receptacle 
  • XFP Mechanical Interface with bail latch for easy removal 
  • LVTTL logic level Tx_Disable and Rx_LOS functions 
  • Qualified to meet the intent of Bellcore reliability practices 
  • 3.3 V, 5.0 V power supply 
  • Power consumption less than 2.5 W 
  • Links of 2 to 40 km with 9/125 μm single mode fiber (SMF)

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Nume Modul transceiver optic de 10G
Ţara de origine Republica Cehă
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